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                        女人真的要好好关爱自己! 无论你是那个年龄层,年轻时对身体的无知,无畏,身体发出的各种警示往往被自己淡然漠视。光子嫩肤是一种常规美肤技术,拉开您和同年龄人的外在年龄。



                        Women really have to care for themselves! No matter what age you are, when you are young, you are ignorant of your body, fearless, and the various warnings issued by your body are often ignored by yourself. Photon Rejuvenation is a regular skin care technique that opens the age of your age and age.


                        It is customary to explain the light in photorejuvenation, mainly to the melanin in the skin. By pulsed light, it promotes the catabolism of melanin, and the heat generated at the same time stimulates the reorganization and regeneration of collagen in the skin. The medical photon rejuvenation treatment device is applied to the principle of selective absorption of light by the skin. The strong pulse light of a specific spectrum is used to illuminate the skin tissue, thereby generating a photothermal effect and a biochemical effect, so that melanin and pigment group in the diseased tissue are decomposed, atrophied and coagulated. Necrosis, which is then cleared by the phagocytic cells in the body, stimulates the collagen and elastic fibers in the collagen tissue to proliferate, restores skin elasticity, achieves skin rejuvenation, ecchymosis, removes excess hair, and improves the smooth and delicate skin.


                        What are the characteristics of the medical photorejuvenation treatment instrument? 1. Greatly remove or reduce various spots and age spots. 2. Remove facial red blood cells (telangiectasia). 3. Smooth fine wrinkles. 4. Shrink the thick pores. 5. Thicken the skin collagen layer and enhance skin elasticity. 6. Significantly improve the condition of facial skin roughness. 7. Eliminate or reduce acne scars.


                        Are you beautiful, how are you prepared to live up to the spring? Or, as a medical beauty industry, how are you going to help beauty seekers pursue their own beauty? With IPL strong pulse light therapy instrument, you can immerse yourself in the medical circle. Learn more about the features of the medical photorejuvenation treatment instrument? You are welcome to contact us.




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